Our tips for managing your Internet and mobile budget

Our advice to manage your Internet and mobile budget

With the time or during a change of location’When you move, you may have to choose a new Internet box or a new mobile package. How to save on these essential expenses ? How to get the best prices on the market ? Reassessment of the needs, use of a DNS server’a cost comparison and negotiation, here are some tips to help you manage your Internet and mobile budget.

Define or reassess your Internet and mobile needs

If you’re a first-time mobile or Internet subscriber, you’ll probably be faced with the famous choice of provider. To make this choice easier, take the time to think about it by estimating your needs as best you can. Once this step is done, you can consult comparison sites such as’Affinicia.com, to discover the best offers on the market.

They will allow you to benefit from’Subscriptions adapted to your needs and the most advantageous prices.

Your needs in terms of mobile telephony and Internet are defined according to your habits and your profile’user. Indeed, what need to pay an all-inclusive and expensive phone subscription if you do not communicate more than 2 hours per month ? Similarly, what need for’to have a high speed fiber connection if a simple ADSL is enough for you to do your daily Internet research ?

If you have already had an Internet or cell phone subscription for several years, it is not necessary to change your contract’it is not useless to re-evaluate your needs regularly. Indeed, your needs may have changed, and the market may have changed as well ! Suppliers’ offers evolve and develop, but they do not warn you. Reviewing your Internet and mobile contracts can therefore allow you to make valuable savings.

Use a comparator to get the best prices

Specialized websites allow you to compare, in a few clicks, the different offers on the market. Once you have determined your needs, all you have to do is to choose the best offer’to fill in the information fields. They will allow the platform to identify your user profile and to deliver the offers of the providers most adapted to your profile and at the best price. There are many mobile and box comparators on the Internet, it’s up to you to make your choice !

When you make your search on the online comparators, beware of the different clauses that will be proposed to you. Indeed, concerning mobile offers, you will surely have to choose between packages without commitment or packages with a duration of’12 to 24 month commitment. If you decide to close your package before the end of the latter, you will be in the’obligation to pay all outstanding monthly payments.

Moreover, some offers are only valid for the first months of the contract’subscription. To avoid unpleasant surprises, take the time to research and reflect on your needs. Qu’it s’Whether it’s for the Internet box or mobile offers, the process is the same. Note that’There are also Internet box + mobile package offers, if you want to subscribe to both at the same time.

Negotiate the cost of your subscription with an operator

When the duration of your contract is over, you will be able to benefit from a better service’commitment’If a contract is about to end, the offers of the competition are often much more attractive. Indeed, operators tend to reserve their best prices for new subscribers, which is why they have to offer them to their customers’where the’It is in your interest to review your current subscriptions. Beware of the tempting offers that providers may make to you four months before the end of your commitment.

They are likely to be far less advantageous than many competing offers on the market.

Some operators are less inclined than others to give you the best prices’others to review the subscriptions subscribed. If you have identified better mobile or Internet offers from the competition, negotiate your contract with your provider ! By explaining that you have found a better deal elsewhere and that you will be leaving the company’If they don’t offer anything better, you can certainly benefit from a better service’miracle offers.