Manage your brand image example of personalized kraft bags

Manage your brand image: the’example of personalized kraft bags

Since the use of single-use plastic bags has been banned, kraft paper bags have become popular, especially among shoppers. Customizable at will, they are used by companies to increase their visibility and stand out from the competition. Discover the advantages of paper bags for your brand image.

Brand image: what your direct customers will appreciate, they will talk about it around them’them

More and more companies are investing in the personalized kraft bag which has the particularity of being adapted to various sectors of activity (ready-to-wear, delicatessen, etc.).). They have indeed measured the impact of its use on their brand image. A real advertising object, this personalized packaging allows them to effectively promote their visibility, and this, at low cost.

Their customers can use it to carry their daily purchases or as a tote bag.

Think of offering your customers a kraft bag with your company colors. They will enjoy using it if it combines elegance and originality. In addition, associated with a quality service, the personalized kraft bag is ideal for building consumer loyalty. Better still, it will allow you to benefit from free advertising.

Indeed, a satisfied customer will talk about your brand around him, even recommend it.

The kraft paper advertising bag allows for a better very advanced personalization as you can :

  • Print it in part or in its entirety;
  • Opt for different printing techniques (offset, hot stamping, etc.).) ;
  • Adapt its capacity according to the products to be packed;
  • Choose from different finishes (twisted or cut-out handles, with or without windows, etc.).).

Rely on customizable bags corresponding to the activity of your company, its image as well as the advertising message you want to spread.

Brand image: what your direct customers will appreciate, they will talk about it around them

What are the advantages of kraft paper bag packaging for your brand image ?

The personalized kraft bag has several advantages for your brand image. First of all, it is a excellent way to communicate in the long term. On the other hand, it allows to convey the values of your company.

This type of bag contributes to improve the image of your company and to anchor your brand in people’s minds.

Its resistance: it will become a durable communication tool

Kraft paper is known for its great durability resistance. The bag made from this material is a sustainable communication support. Moreover, its solidity is optimized by elements such as the bottom cardboard, thanks to which it can support an important weight, or the reinforced edges.

In short, the personalized kraft bag is quite suitable reusable. Moreover, your customers will be able to use it for a long time, because it is very resistant to tearing, but also extensible.

Its ecological footprint: it corresponds to your values and communicates your ethics

You certainly know that any company must implement a communication strategy consistent with its values. At present, the preservation of the environment is necessarily part of these. Thanks to kraft bags, you can reduce your ecological footprint. Indeed, this type of packaging is environmentally friendly.

Made of cellulose, it is biodegradable and recyclable.

At the same time, you will give the image of an environmentally conscious company by offering a paper packaging. It has been proven that consumers prefer brands that adopt a low-cost approach to their business eco-responsible approach. The personalized paper bags can therefore considerably influence the act of purchase.