How to watch TV if I do not have an internet box

How can I watch TV if I don’t have an account?

Today’Today, almost everyone has access to television through their internet box. But what’When is it necessary to make a declaration?’on n’has no box ? When’It is important to note, however, that this regulation does not apply to a person who goes on vacation in a caravan, for example, or when his or her’Internet access is down ? Is it still necessary to have a declaration of beneficial ownership

Indoor TV antennas

Very useful when travelling on vacation in a camper van or when the internet connection is down, indoor tv antennas are small, practical and discreet. Of course, you probably remember the model you owned before DTT was available. Not very elegant nor very effective.

But rest assured, nowadays, the new models are much more aesthetic. In addition, they have the right to use the’a range of up to 50m, which allows you to have a clear view of the company’Connect all the TV screens in your home to it, regardless of the type of TV set’where you will decide to use it’install. Finally, they receive much better reception than in the past and the imperfections of the system are no longer a problem’image and sound are almost zero.

For the last little crackles that might persist, most indoor TV antennas nowadays are equipped with filters to reduce these imperfections to a minimum for optimal satisfaction.