How to connect to Intraparis Nomade

How to connect to Intraparis Nomade ?

As a result of technological developments, the City of Paris has recently made it possible for its employees and the various agents affiliated with the City’s services to connect to an intranet portal. This portal is called IntraParis Nomade.

All agents and employees of the city of Paris have an account on this portal. The connection to this account is very simple.

It allows you to benefit from several services. In case of connection problems, the human resources department is at your service to help you.

The opening of an account on IntraParis Nomade

If you connect for the first time on IntraParis Nomade, you don’t need to create an account.

As an employee of the city of Paris or agents of services such as DANA-NA, DASES and CASVP, you already have an account on this platform.

To get your login and password, you have to contact the human resources department of your structure.

If the information given to you by this service does not allow you to access your account, you must go back to them to make them understand the situation. Whatever the concern, Human Resources will resolve it for you.

The services available on IntraParis Nomade

Once you have access to your IntraParis Nomade account, you will be able to perform different tasks.

You can update your profile information. As an agent or an employee of the city of Paris, it is necessary that your personal data (phone, e-mail address…) are constantly updated.

Your home address must also be changed if you move. All the information that allows you to find yourself can be modified in this portal each time there is a change in your life.

IntraParis Nomade gives the possibility to send and receive messages through the Parisian mailbox, thanks to its messaging service.

Messages should not go beyond the work environment. This is not the right tool to send jokes or jokes to colleagues.

Via your account on IntraParis Nomade, you have the possibility to ask for and receive information about the services that are available to you

to obtain an HR certificate. Once you are connected to the Intraparis Nomade website, you just have to follow the procedure that will be indicated to you.

The procedure that allows you to obtain refunds for family members is also available on this platform. It can be done by following simple steps.

If you are looking for your pay slips, you will find them in your IntraParis Nomades account. You can download the forms in PDF format or print them directly.

Other services you can enjoy once you have access to your account on IntraParis Nomades are :

Online social benefits: you can submit your requests directly through this space;

Request for absence from work: if you have a problem that prevents you from going to work, you can report your absence from your account;

Loss reports: the loss of a personal credit card can be reported through this channel.

If you need to contact an emergency service, but you don’t know the number or are unsure about it, you can go to IntraParis to get the right number.

How to connect to IntraParis Nomade ?

The connection to the IntraParis Nomade portal takes place in 4 simple steps.

You have to start by accessing the connection platform by entering this link https://Nomades.apps.bets.en/ in your browser. If the address doesn’t work, you need to check that you are connected to the internet.

When you access the login page, you will need to enter your login and password in the corresponding boxes. Check all the letters and numbers you enter.

If you have entered the right information, the login screen for your account will appear. If not, you will receive an error message. If this happens, do not panic.

Re-enter your login and password, being more careful.

Difficulty logging in: What to do ?

If you are having trouble logging in, please make sure you have entered the required information correctly. The intrusion of a small character can change everything and prevent you from accessing your account.

If after checking, you are unable to connect, check if CAPS is disabled. The fields are sensitive to the nature of the characters and can recognize lower and upper case.

You can delete the cache and cookies that you have voluntarily or involuntarily saved in your browser.

If you suspect that the connection is the cause of your problems, you can restart the router. It is not recommended to use a VPN.

If you still can’t access your account, please let your human resources manager know. This one will contact the administrator to solve your problem.

If you feel that your account has been hacked, you should immediately inform the human resources manager so that the appropriate measures can be taken.

Intraparis Nomade: details you should know about its use

The messaging system of the Parisian Intranet

To allow its employees and agents to exchange messages safely, IntraParis Nomade has provided a webmail service. This service is available on

The identification codes are identical to those used to connect to IntraParis Nomade.

Intraparis Nomade: the case of CASVP agents

It is possible for the agents of the Centre d’action sociale de la Ville de Paris or CASVP for short to get a professional email address on IntraParis Nomade. This address has the following format: first [email protected].

This messaging service allows them to communicate with other agents and employees in a secure way. The connection is possible at a distance, as long as the computer used has an internet access.

The address is Once this address is entered, the CASVP agent is directed to a page where he/she must load his/her login and password.

The login is your email address in the first name [email protected]. The password is the same as the one you use to connect to the Nomadic IntraParis.

If the connection does not work as expected or if you have forgotten your password, you should contact your human resources department.

The latter will contact the IT correspondent to provide you with a solution. You can decide to send an email to this address [email protected]

explanation of intraparis nomad login

IntraParis Nomad messaging and employee rights

Remote messaging is not mandatory for an agent or an employee of the city of Paris. These agents do not need to have computers at home or an internet connection.

Agents are free to decide whether or not they want to connect to messaging services to exchange with colleagues from home.

These demands were brought by the unions, especially the CGT, which feared that the services of the Paris City Hall would take advantage of these changes to limit the freedom of the workers and force them to do tasks against their will.