Discover 6 alternative search engines to Google

Discover 6 alternative search engines to Google

Nine out of ten French people are used to using Google as a search engine. However, the American giant has a major drawback for its followers: privacy. Indeed, Google is known for tracking Internet users’ data. And if you finally switch to another search engine ?

Why use an alternative search engine to Google ?

When we search for information on the Web, we tend to turn to Google. You may not know it yet, but the first search engine used in the whole world has several competitors, which we will detail throughout this article. Today, trusting an alternative search engine to Google is essential for many reasons.

The American giant is often criticized for being exclusive and promoting its services and those of its partners. Data logging, the ecological footprint of its data centers and display advertising are also Google’s black spots. It dominates and has a monopoly on display and search. To sum up, connecting to an alternative search engine is ideal for :

  • Better protect your data
  • Access to more relevant content
  • Do a good deed
  • Reduce your carbon footprint on the web

Which alternative search engine to choose ?

Different alternative search engines to Google exist. Here are six solutions to discover (and adopt) right now !

1. Bing, a versatile search engine

Bing, powered by Microsoft, is the first search engine that alternative to Google. Particularly ergonomic, it offers users various internal features such as translation, flight tracking and currency conversion tools. Its simplicity of use is a real asset ! Lovers of beautiful images will be seduced by the background photos that change every day, in a random way.

Did you know ? Bing offers a rewards program, which allows you to earn points for each search you make. These points can then be used to purchase movies or applications.

2. DuckDuckGo, to protect your privacy

If you want to search the Internet discreetly, this search engine is the one you need ! Its minimalist interface – with infinite scrolling – remains easy to use. With DuckDuckGo, queries are confidential, private data and tracker blocking as well as site encryption are included. The “Bangs” feature is perfect for continuing the experience on another site.

This shortcut allows you to refine a search by simply typing the prefix ” ! “Followed by the name of the site you are interested in (example: !twitter To summarize, connecting to an alternative search engine is ideal for: Doing a good deed (the user will be taken to the social network with the blue bird, where you can browse safely).

3. Yahoo!, much more than a simple search engine

Older than Google, Yahoo! is regularly referred to as obsolete. However, this search engine is still in third place worldwide ! It is also the one that is installed by default on the Firefox web browser.

This very complete interface is presented in the form of a portal and allows each user to play online, shop on the web and create an email address. Integrated with Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Finance and Flickr, it delivers a wealth of information.

4. Lilo, a French and responsible search engine

Lilo is a alternative to Google. This 100% French search engine has the particularity of to finance various environmental and social projects or projects related to education and health. Searches made on Lilo allow you to accumulate drops of water, which can then be transformed into real money to support the project of your choice.

In addition, this secure platform works with more powerful algorithms than those of Yahoo! or Bing, which ensures you get relevant search results. Change your search engine to Lilo !

4. Lilo, a French and responsible search engine

5. Qwant, the French Google that respects the privacy of Internet users

Available since 2013, Qwant is a French search engine that claims do not track your users and fight for the protection of their personal data. Here, unlike Google, the list of search results is not personalized sinceno cookie traces the user. On the program: a lot of results based on current trends and news.

For young people, Qwant junior is a mine of information’information.

6. Ecosia, an eco-friendly search engine

The daily use of search engines generates a significant environmental impact on carbon dioxide emissions. If you are sensitive to this cause, log on to Ecosia, which is a practical alternative and, above all, CO2 neutral. For each request sent, the associated revenues are transmitted to a tree planting program.

To give life to a tree, nearly 45 searches are to be performed on this eco-responsible search engine.