How to secure a company’s data

How to secure the data of’a company ?

Several solutions are available for the backup of your data: NAS, hard disk or cloud. However, security is a point to be treated with caution, regardless of the option chosen. But how to secure a company’s data ? Overview !

What risk is there?’company by not securing its data ?

The information communicated by the media makes us understand the importance of a powerful solution to secure data in companies. Indeed, the cyber attacks are multiplying these days. They affect both professionals and public organizations.

The recovered data is sometimes used for asking for ransom to the owner or the company that holds it. In other cases, they are simply disclosed on the Web. In any case, such an incident is not without consequences for your organization.

A cyber attack will inevitably impact your operations. It can take time to recover lost data. Especially since it generates a financial cost.

You have to take into account the recovery costs and sometimes the reimbursement of the customers.

Finally, such an inconvenience can damage your brand image. It will indeed be difficult for some customers to trust again a company victim of a data theft.

In view of these numerous issues, it is essential to set up an effective security solution, The ticketing solution is a powerful tool for your company’s data backup system. However, it is important to note that the threat does not only come from the Web and the computer network connections. It can also come from an internal source and concern materialized data.

Protect physical access

Protect the physical accesses

The law on Information Technology and Security requires companies to define an appropriate solution to protect personal data. This is also part of the compliance with the RGPD, the regulation currently applied in Europe.

But how do you secure company data stored in a secure environment? physical media ? Different measures can be adopted.

Lock down workstations

It is necessary to encourage each user to Lock them out while they are away. You can also set them to activate an automatic lock after a certain period of inactivity.

In addition, feel free to restrict access to USB ports. This makes it possible to limit file copies.

Controlling access to data

Access to the data must be limited to only those agents who need it. You should also check and update access rights regularly. Directly remove people who are no longer involved in the project or employees who have resigned.

Implement a password policy

Use security software passwords help you reduce the risk of data leakage. This allows you to limit access to each workstation and to your various files. Moreover, it is preferable to Define personalized user accounts associated with a login and a password.

This one must be individual, confidential and difficult to encrypt. Each user is also required to change it regularly.

Secure the premises

Access to rooms containing sensitive documents and servers must be strictly controlled. For example, you can use a a keyed door and an access badge. It is also important to restrict entry.

Only employees must have access to it.

Protect the computer park from viruses and other attacks

Protect the computer pool from viruses and other attacks

Companies are among the main targets of hackers, due to the large volume of personal data they handle. To protect against cybercrime, it is essential to reinforce internal measures.

Define a security charter

This charter transcribes the strategies to implement to protect yourself and those to follow in case of a cyber attack. In addition, it clearly defines the responsibilities of each employee in the event of a hacking incident.

Train and educate employees

They must understand the risks and know the best practices to adopt to avoid computer attacks. Indeed, a single click on an unknown file can jeopardize your entire computer system.

Using protection software

The anti-virus software and firewall are important in protecting against malware and malicious files. You must install them on each workstation.

Updates also limit the vulnerability of your computer equipment.

Include a confidentiality clause in the outsourcing contract

Such a clause is mandatory in any subcontracting contract. The service provider must also guarantee the security of the data that it has in hand. An encryption system is even necessary for sensitive data.

These different measures protect you from the danger of IT outsourcing.

Provide for efficient backup systems

Providing effective backup systems

More and more frequent lately, the ransomware are more than problematic. Indeed, this software infiltrates your system and blocks access to your data. However, an efficient backup system can limit the impact on your organization.

This is an avenue to explore if you’re wondering how to get access to your data how to secure a company’s data.

As part of your computer backup plan, you can apply the 3-2-1 rule. It consists in three copies of your data. In concrete terms, the idea is to have one original and two copies. Ideally, different equipment should be used for the three copies.

Also, one of the copies must be located outside your site.

For example, you can use a hard drive, a NAS server, and a Cloud solution for off-site storage.

This technique allows for data recovery in case of attacks. Also, it gives you the possibility to continue your activity. In this context, make sure you have a copy that facilitates recovery while being inaccessible to hackers.

If there is subcontracting, you must foresee a clause concerning the restitution or the deletion of the data. It must intervene at the end of the collaboration with the external provider.