Discover emailing!

Discover the emailing !

E-mail is not dead yet ! Sometimes neglected by companies in favor of social networks, it remains a major ally for all companies wishing to develop their customer portfolio. Practical, economical and almost playful, e-mail remains one of the tools with the best deliverability rate. If it requires a basic investment, you will see that in the medium and long term, it brings you much more than it takes from you ! If this technique is still a bit foreign to your practices, here is what you need to know !

1/ What is emailing ?

Emailing refers to a communication strategy based on sending emails to a small or large number of people. It is a direct marketing action.

The goal is relatively simple (at least on paper): to promote a product or a service by presenting them by email. For this to work, it is essential to work on the subject of your email. Because even if the message arrives at the recipient’s address, it is not sure that the recipient will take the time to open and read it..

2/ The different e-mail formats

E-mail can be sent in various formats:

  • The text: it is the most used format, but it may block you in the graphic creation. Depending on your sector of activity and your target, this can be more or less annoying;
  • Html: it’s the same language that web pages use to display on your browser. Your graphic designers can more easily integrate images, links, etc.
  • Images: if they can avoid writing a lot of text, you must be careful not to overuse them. Some messaging systems identify them directly as spam, thus preventing your target from accessing your content..

3/ The constraints of email

In order to reach your target efficiently and quickly, your email must respect several constraints:

  • The weight: if your email is too heavy, it will take time to display and the user, in a hurry, will throw it in his trash without reading it;
  • The content: it must arouse interest without saying too much, and respect a fair balance between text and images. Too busy, it may discourage and lose the interest of your reader.

As you can see, emailing requires a certain “dexterity” to be successful. Don’t hesitate to get help to get yours quickly ! If you have already tested this method and you are not familiar with it’it helped you well, leave us your opinion in the comments !