Has the Coronavirus become a selling point for e-commerce

Has the Coronavirus become a selling point for e-commerce ?

L’coronaviru epidemics now maintains millions of’individuals in their homes. However, being locked in your home exposes you to the’The most active ones often post comments, photos, etc., but also to the shortage of certain items. How do the millions of people who have to stay at home manage to get by? Apparently, video games, cosmetics, yoga mats and condoms answer the question.

A market in turmoil

Malls and small stores remain closed, car sales drop. L’The epidemic is disrupting commerce in China, and according to Chinese online retail giant Alibaba, demand remains high for health, beauty and entertainment products. In addition, yoga and home gym equipment is enjoying unprecedented success, not to mention that, surprisingly, the literary sector is also benefiting from the crisis with a 60% increase in the week of February 10, compared to that of’before.

In cosmetics, we find lipsticks at the top of the list with seven times more sales, as well as eyeshadows (+ 150%). This announcement seems a bit paradoxical because the number of masks worn is increasing’In addition, some providers are seeing home haircut kits as well as condoms selling like hotcakes.

In South Korea, most of the increase in sales is in health products: red ginseng, vitamins, probiotics, etc. Residents who rely on laundromats to do their laundry have had to make a decision about whether or not to use a laundromat’to equip small washing machines, since’they can no longer go to laundromats.

Residents who need to be protected’occupy

Recorded at home, the millions of calls that have been made to the Internet are not recorded’Asians have to find occupations and take on unusual tasks such as cutting children’s hair. Surfing the web is the’one of the main occupations: shopping, series, finding the best online casino to play, etc.

However, activities such as reading, yoga and sports are also successful, given the sales in recent weeks. One could say that this is a’is a boon for the e-merchants which are seeing some of their sales rise, but no one is sure what to do about it’let’s not forget that’is in default of’Other items such as dog leashes, smartphones, cars, bicycles…

Thus, we can not really say that the’The epidemic is a selling point for generalist sales sites, as the market is growing’adapts to demand. Nevertheless, it is obvious that’an e-tailer who only sells masks will not experience a drop in sales, as his product is at the heart of the current demand.