Net-c Junior A secure and ethical messaging for children

Net-c Junior : A secure and ethical messaging for children

With the’As technology evolves, we cannot postpone the moment when children want to communicate with their friends via the Internet. Nevertheless, we are aware of the danger that this can represent. To offer a healthy communication framework to your children, there is Net-c Junior (renamed Mailo), a secure messaging service.

Net-c Junior : a secure address for children

From 6 years old, some children who already know how to read and write want to be able to send and receive e-mails create a mailbox. We could’It is surprising, but new technologies attract our young children, because they are omnipresent. In order not to frustrate our toddlers, you should know that’there are secure solutions like Net-c Junior.

Your child will be able to create his or her own e-mail address on a age-appropriate interface :

  • A very simple and extremely secure interface for 6-9 years old ;
  • a more advanced interface with different settings (calendar, virtual disk), still very secure, for the 10-14 years old

The purpose of’The purpose of such a system is to allow young children to discover the most used digital means of communication’that is to say, email, in a fun, educational, but above all secure way. L’child n’is not frustrated and parents are reassured. C’This is why it is important to choose among the best messaging applications for children.

A free address for children

A free address for children

With Net-c Junior, you can create a free account real email address for your child. Indeed, one might think that’such a messaging system could be paid for in view of the security that it provides’it offers, but this is not the case’is not the case. You will be able to choose the domain name together among thirty possibilities (,,, etc). The children have now what to convince their parents: a free and secure messaging to exchange with their friends without receiving spam !

There are several’elsewhere a service intended for schools to create an email address for a whole class, but you have to pay a subscription. Whatever the formula you choose, the’One of the big advantages is that there is no profiling or spam. However, with the free version, it is not necessary to enter the email address’is possible to store that 500 MB of data which is not much if we consider that children can exchange with their friends without receiving a message’send photos and videos.

Finally, for a free messaging system, there is something for everyone: children can communicate with their friends and parents are reassured about the security.

A validation of the correspondences by the adults

validation of correspondence by adults

The security is at the heart of the Net-c Junior. Children must learn to communicate by email while being protected from the dangers of spam’Internet.

To create an email address on Net-c Junior, a referring adult, most of the time the’one of the parents, must take care of the creation of the account. The latter must enter his own email address in order to supervise the account of the child’child.

It does not’there is nothing dangerous to exchange by mail at first sight. However, between ads and spam, your child may be exposed to content that is not age-appropriate. A secure e-mail system offers you several advantages:

  • You can predefine a list of contacts and your child will be able to communicate with these contacts only;
  • incoming mails from’an unauthorized contact are directly delivered s mailbox’referring adult.

You should also know that’once your child grows up, you can The user must enter his or her own email address in order to supervise the account of the child which is the initial service and therefore equivalent to Gmail, among others. The personal data is secure, even though it is not encrypted’In any case.

Net-c Junior, c’It is finally a messaging service for children, totally free. Users can neither send nor receive mail from’a contact that is not’has not been registered beforehand by a referent adult. Finally, there is no’There are no ads, no spam, no profiling.

L’Your child can switch his address to a service more adapted to his age to’to what his parents have done’Allow to have its email address 100% personal without exercising any control over it. Net-C has become Mailo in 2019.