How to recover your Snapchat password

How to recover your Snapchat password ?

Websites usually offer solutions to recover your account if you forget your password. These methods are also useful if your credentials have been changed without your knowledge by another person. In both cases, you will need to reset your password.

You’ll also need to take steps to prevent this problem from happening again.

What to do when you have forgotten your Snapchat password ?

Your password has been forgotten or compromised ? Snapchat allows you to access your account with a different authentication method to replace it. This is not really about recovering your password. Instead, you will need to bypass and then reset the security feature in place.

Thus, the goal is to recover your profile in order to delete your old password and add another one.

Resetting requires additional verifications unlike changing your password. Indeed, in this second case, you know the current password of the account. You just have to provide this code and enter its replacement. You will then need to confirm the change by typing the old password one last time.

Without this information, you will need to reset your profile security.

Via email

You can easily reset your password if your account is linked to an email address. You will be able to recover access using this channel as your authentication method. To do this:

  • Go to the Snapchat platform;
  • Click on the link “Forgot your password ? You can find the “visible” URL on the home screen;
  • In the pop-up window displayed, choose “By email”;
  • Open your inbox to access the account recovery message;
  • If you can’t find the email in question, check your spam or social network folders;
  • Open the URL contained in the message ;
  • If you can’t click on the link, copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser;
  • On the landing page, enter your new password.

To secure your account, choose a long password combining letters, numbers and special characters. It is highly recommended to use a notepad or a password manager to avoid forgetting it.

From the Snapchat application

The Snapchat application allows you to recover your account, if you encounter access problems. To reset your password:

  • Launch the mobile app and click “Sign In”;
  • Fill in your username, then press “Forgot your password”;
  • Choose an account recovery method (By phone and By email);
  • Enter the corresponding credentials, then tap “Submit” ;
  • If you chose the email, Snapchat will send a password reset message to the address you provided. Open the link, then type the new password ;
  • If you have chosen the phone, you will receive a one-time code by SMS to authenticate yourself. Enter your new password after authentication;
  • Confirm the new password and validate.

With the phone option, you can also retrieve your account through a call. However, this is less convenient than texting.

Go through Snapchat support

Contact Snapchat support, if you have trouble retrieving your profile via email or the mobile app. Password reset usually requires your email address or phone number. In addition, you are supposed to have access to the channel linked to your account.

However, support may be able to assist you with other means of authentication. To reach this service:

  • Access the Snapchat support platform from a browser;
  • Click on “Contact Us;
  • Choose “Sign in to my account”, then “I forgot my password”;
  • In the next window, select the “I can’t access my account” options. “I forgot my password” and possibly “I can’t verify my email address or cell phone number” ;
  • Validate by pressing “Yes”, then fill out the form;
  • Enter your username without spaces and the email address or phone number associated with your profile;
  • If you forgot the email linked to your Snapchat account, simply provide an address you have access to;
  • Don’t forget the country code when entering your phone number;
  • In “What information do we need to know”, state the reason for your request (forgot Snapchat profile email address and phone number) ;
  • Press “Submit” to submit the form to the Snapchat team.

You’ll need to wait between one and three business days for a response from Snapchat support. The platform will then provide you with the necessary information to recover your profile.

The backup code

You have a back-up code, if you’ve set up two-factor authentication on Snapchat. This means of identification is essential, as soon as you try to access your account from a new device. To retrieve your profile:

  • Open the Snapchat login screen;
  • Fill in your username, then click on “Login”;
  • In the following interface, enter the emergency code to connect to your account.

The emergency code will allow you to identify yourself, even if you forget your password. If you want to anticipate problems and set up this feature:

  • Click on the Profile icon from the home screen of your account;
  • Press the cogwheel to open Settings;
  • Select “Two-factor authentication;
  • Touch the “Backup Code” option, then “Generate Code” ;
  • Enter your password to authenticate yourself;
  • Memorize the generated code or write it down on a secure medium.

It’s best to use a password manager if you’re worried about forgetting your authentication codes.