How to join a Discord server

How to join a Discord server ?

Teamspeak is one of the main sources of inspiration for Discord. You can see similarities in the management and customization options. Nevertheless, the VoIP service has significantly improved the formula and streamlined the design with an atypical interface. The latter is not particularly complicated, however.

Thus, you will manage to master this tool in a short time.

How to join a server ?

From the Democratization of Discord, the service has a wide variety of dedicated servers. It can be a user-friendly space for chat between friends or a official channel of video game developers. In both cases, you need a link to join the server in question.

The service is still intended for gaming like Minecraft, Xbox-live and Twitch servers.

On the other hand, it is It is strongly recommended to use the software or mobile application instead of the Discord web interface. These programs offer more features than the official site. In addition, they work on Windows, Linux and MacOS. The tool can also be downloaded for iOS or Android operating systems.

You will be able to connect from your smartphone. To learn how to activate parental controls on Discord, read our article.

How to find the link’a Discord server ?

In principle, you only have no need to search for the link of a Discord server. It will be sent by a friend who is a WoW and multiplayer enthusiast. It can also be a simple contact who invites you to join his guild, his faction or his clan.

However, you must be able to recognize the content and form of the invitation. These links are formed by the prefix icon next to the request ID.

You can also search for new communities that you might like with the feature Server Discovery. The option is represented by a magnifying glass and is located at the bottom left of the screen. Click on the icon to send a request to the administrators or moderators, depending on the server.

In any case, you should receive a positive response, unless you have a previous ban. To activate the’overlay, follow the procedure.

How to join a voice chat room on Discord ?

Represented by a hash, the text chat rooms can be mentioned in the body of users’ messages. You just have to follow these links to join the discussion. This method works in most cases, except on private chats.

The voice chat rooms are, on the other hand, less accessible, even if they appear in a dedicated list on the.

The voice chat area is represented by a speaker icon. To access it, open the dedicated tab on the left side of the interface and click on the name of the room. However, you will only be accepted in lounges that are compatible with your role on the server.

In other words, you will not be able to join these conversations without a certain level of permission.

How to copy the link from’a Discord server ?

The link from a Discord server can be copied just like any other URL or email address. Just copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) it on a medium compatible with the text format. You can then put it on an online post or notice, e-mail, instant messenger, etc.

However, this link may not work, if it is a access to a community room of the server. This type of space implies the presence of a moderation and the distribution of the role of the members. So you won’t always be able to access them. Feel free to create your own server to avoid these complications.

Moreover, this operation is simple and free of charge.

How to create a Discord server easily ?

How to create a Discord server easily?

In order to create a Discord server, you must above all open a free account on the platform. This step is a must, whether it’s on the web or the cross-platform application (mobile, PC or Mac). You will have access to the main interface of the chat service after registration.

To make an embed on Discord, read our article.

During the first connection, the program will give you the choice between creation or theintegration of a server. Select the option ” Create a server “. New users can sometimes inadvertently skip this home screen. You can nevertheless find this feature in the application interface.

This is a large button symbolizing a ” + ” located on the left side panel.

After clicking on ” Add a server “You will find the previous choice (Create a server or Join a server). Then find a name for your server and check region automatically detected. Press the button ” Create “to complete the operation and become an admin.