What is the difference between a JPG and a PDF?

What is the difference between a JPG and a PDF ?

There are many file formats and extensions. It is thanks to the extension that the PDF file can be used’the appropriate application is launched when you open a file. In addition, some formats are specific to a particular software (like the .doc and .docx from Microsoft Word).

Here, let’s focus on two formats: PDF and JPEG.

PDF: the universal image of a document

Created by the Adobe company, PDF is the most popular format for printing’short for Portable Document Format. This widely used format presents various types of documents in a readable or viewable manner by capturing an image of them.

In concrete terms, a standard PDF file includes the complete description of the document’a flat document with a fixed layout. It includes text, graphics, fonts and other elements’other information needed for the document’display of the file content.

In addition, PDF is a universal format, independent of any hardware, operating system or software’operation, software or application. On computers and smartphones, the’The most common application to open a PDF file is Adobe Reader.

Thus, PDFs are very useful. They are a good alternative for many different types of data. They are also useful for storing Word documents and PowerPoint slides without altering their rendering.

Finally, they even allow to keep images without loss of quality.

A JPEG: a compressed image

As for JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) compresses digital images to reduce their size. But this is a lossy compression, knowing that the level can be more or less important. The two main criteria for compression are file size and image quality’image.

Note that the two are directly proportional.

In practice, JPEG is widely used to compress digital photographs. L’The advantage of this format is the ability to convert text and graphics’You can achieve a compression ratio of 10 to 1, practically without any loss of quality.

PDF vs. JPEG: the major differences

Let’s look at the key differences between these two file formats.

Generally speaking, the JPEG is a file that can be used to create a file’graphic image while PDF is a document file. Both formats can be converted to Word or PowerPoint’one in the’They are not the same, but they are generally used for different purposes.

If you plan to transform your JPG into a PDF, you can easily do it online. Select your image on your PC, wait for the site to convert it to PDF and download your new file. It’s as simple as this !

Also note that for the same file available in both formats, the’JPEG image’a document will be smaller than the same document in PDF. That’s right’The difference between a JPG and a PDF is simply explained by the fact that the JPEG format compresses an entire image.

Second, a PDF file preserves the original layout of any document. It also leaves the different parts of the document open to the’edition. On the other hand, a JPEG compresses all the components of the image’an image or other’It’s the most common application to open a PDF file is Adobe Reader, which can be used to create a single file, making them inseparable.

Finally, a PDF allows you to copy selected text into the file, which is impossible with a JPEG. You can only copy the image’entire image.

PDF or JPEG: In short

In general, if you want to send a text document, prefer PDF. The format will give the reader the possibility to’You can add comments and annotations of your choice (highlighting, signature, adding text, etc.). By sending a PDF, you can be sure that the recipient will be able to read it’open your file.

JPG is preferable if you need to transfer a photo or image. Attention to the quality of the image’image ! As explained earlier, the more you reduce the size of the file, the more it is altered. And if you don’t want to see a white background, choose the PNG format.