How to remove background noise from a PC microphone

How to suppress the background noise of the alarm’a microphone on PC ?

With the shift to telecommuting, video conferencing has become inevitable. To ensure that your remote meetings take place in the best conditions, reducing the background noise of your computer’s microphone is essential.

How to remove the background noise from the image’a microphone ?

During a videoconference, The communication can be affected by, among other things, the following unwanted noise or sound effects. The same problem can also occur when you make sound recordings with your PC. To solve it, you can proceed by hardware.

Change the configuration in the SOUND of the’Enhancements

Background noise is most often caused by a configuration problem. For improve sound quality on a Windows PC :

  • Go to the control panel ;
  • Click on ” Hardware and audio ” ;
  • Press ” Sound ” ;
  • Select your audio output device. In general, these are the speakers;
  • Click on the ” Enhancements ” ;
  • Check the box ” Disable all enhancements ” ;
  • End by pressing ” OK “.

Enable noise reduction on Windows

On Windows, the microphone is not set to allow noise cancellation. It is therefore necessary toadjust its setting to remove noise, or at least mute it. Here is the tutorial:

  • Open the control panel;
  • Click on ” Hardware and audio ” ;
  • Press ” Sound ” ;
  • Open the tab ” Recording “. The different devices for audio recording will be displayed;
  • Right-click on the active microphone and press ” Properties ” ;
  • In the tab ” Levels In the “Sound quality” field, set the value in the ” Microphone ” on 100 and the one in the field ” Microphone Amplification “on +10.0 dB ;
  • Go to the tab ” Improvements ” ;
  • Check the box ” Immediate mode “if it is not activated;
  • Do the same with the ” ” boxes Noise suppression “and ” Cancel the’acoustic echo ” ;
  • Press ” Apply “then click on ” OK “to save the changes.

What software to use to reduce noise ?

What software should I use to reduce noise?

For reduce the noise of the microphone of your PC, It is also possible to use the software path. If you regularly play online games that require you to chat with other gamers, choose Discord. This tool includes an option that removes ambient noise from the microphones.

It is available for both Windows and MacOS. To use it:

  • Open Discord ;
  • Go to ” Settings “then in ” Voice and video ” ;
  • Select ” Advanced ” ;
  • Activate the option ” Noise cancellation “.

From then on, you will see a clear reduction of external noise. To further enhance your gaming experience, considerquality headphones.

For your video conferencing, you can choose to Google Meet. This application includes a tool that can reduce unwanted noise during video calls. To activate this feature before a video conference:

  • Go to ;
  • Select a video call;
  • Click on ” Plus “then on ” Settings ” ;
  • Press on ” Audio ” ;
  • Activate the’option” Noise suppression ” ;
  • Click on ” Join the meeting “.

The video calling application Zoom also includes a function that allows you to reduce background noise and remove annoying sounds:

  • In the desktop client, press your profile picture then click on ” Settings ” ;
  • Select ” Video “then ” Advanced ” ;
  • Click on ” Activate noise cancellation “.

To record a soundtrack with no background noise, choose Audacity. This free software accepts several types of audio files and has a noise reduction tool. To use it:

  • Drag the mouse over a part of the audio file that contains only noise to choose a basic sound environment;
  • Click on ” Noise reduction “in the menu ” Effects ” ;
  • Select ” Take the noise profile ” ;
  • Choose ” Select all “to select the entire clip;
  • Press again ” Noise reduction “in Effects ” ;
  • Choose the reduction options ;
  • Adjust the intensity sliders if background noise persists;
  • Finish by clicking on ” Validate “.

Invest in a noise-canceling microphone

Investing in a microphone with anti-noise

When applied to a microphone, the anti-noise technology allows your interlocutor to hear you better. The effect depends on the shape of the microphone and its positioning. Other factors such as the digital signal processing also play a role.

The headsets the most sophisticated are equipped with several microphones that take noise cancelling technology up a notch. In concrete terms, one of the microphones is located closer to the user’s mouth than the other. The first is used to capture the voice while the second allows to intercept the ambient noises.

A digital algorithm then intervenes for eliminate background noise and isolate your voice.

When it comes to headphones, the anti-noise technology benefits the user himself. For example, the user can listen to music without being disturbed by the surrounding noise. In this case, the anti-noise technology comes in two types.

There is the passive noise reduction which is attributable to the physical characteristics of the headphones (materials, design, etc.).). This technology is particularly effective in blocking out irregular and high-pitched sounds.

The active noise reduction, consists in drastically reducing the noise that reaches your ears. It protects especially against regular and low-frequency sounds like the hum of the radiator. This technology is used in particular in a stereo headset.

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Buy online from’a headset with enhanced performance

When using’a videoconference or at the time of’If you are recording sound on a computer, it may be that you are not able to hear it’a problem of background noise occurs. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, it is possible to change the sound configuration via the appropriate settings. You can also Use the noise reduction system of your computer system’operation or use software and applications to improve the sound rendering of the microphone on a PC.

To avoid background and extraneous noise that can disrupt your online communications and music recordings, you should find a good headset with a microphone from a reputable online store. This allows you to discover different models of headsets of major brands with satisfactory performance.

You can proceed to the’purchase of a DNS’a headset with circum-aural microphone capable of isolating you completely from ambient noise. You can also choose a supra-aural headset that allows you to concentrate on your communication or music while being attentive to what is happening around you. You can still purchase a’Choose a headset with a wired microphone, a wireless headset, a Bluetooth headset or a connected headset;

In any case, check out the description of each headset with microphone that catches your attention on the online store specializing in computer equipment and high-tech.